Trinity ET Plus Settlement

Jackson County, Missouri v. Trinity Industries, Inc., and Trinity Highway Products, LLC
Court of Jackson County, Missouri, Case No. 1516-CV23684

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Welcome to the Trinity ET Plus Settlement Home Page.

A settlement has been reached in this case between Class Representative Jackson County, Missouri and Defendants Trinity Industries, Inc., and Trinity Highway Products, LLC (collectively referred to throughout this site as “Trinity”) to resolve a class action alleging that the ET Plus guardrail end terminal with 4-inch wide feeder chutes manufactured and sold by Trinity Highway Products, LLC (referred to throughout this site as “4-inch ET Plus”) was defectively designed and unreasonably dangerous. Trinity denies these allegations. The Court has approved the settlement. A copy of the Order and Judgement Granting Final Approval of Class Action Settlement is available here.

This website is provided as a service to eligible settlement participants. The information provided is in summary form and is not intended as a complete explanation of your rights. For full and complete information, you are directed to review carefully the Notice of Class Action Settlement.